Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Statistical packages and Mac computers

So it turns out that lots of statistical packages and programs are not compatible with Macs.  I have a hard time understanding why this is.  Right now, I'm working through Andrew Gelman and Jennifer Hill's book, "Data analysis using regression and multilevel/hierarchical models." They do a wonderful job incorporating R code into the book.  But...they specifically say, in the appendix about software, to download and run R and BUGS "on your Windows computer."

I have to ask: why?  Why can't we be inclusive?  I'm sure there are good reasons, but this level of uncompatibility is just really frustrating for me.  I wish there were some brilliant programmer out there who would fix this.  I'm getting really sick of reading R forums and StackOverfow. 

OK, back to the troubleshooting. *end rant*


  1. jags is a pretty good alternative to bugs, but it might be even more fun just to translate everything to stan.

  2. Macintosh statistical software: free and open source programs for Mac stats from the site. Includes the current release, brief descriptions .. feng shui